About 3L Systems company

«Triline Systems Ltd.” (“3L Systems”) was established in 2012 by employing leading experts of the industry and today the company is one of the leading developers and suppliers of professional solutions for digital broadcasting, video and data transmission, organization of telephone and fax services, and other services for satellite, microwave, wireless and fiber-optic communications.

Company activity:

  • Design and construction of ground satellite stations for various application with antennas of various diameters and any power transmitter in C-, Ku-, Ka- bands ;
  • Manufacturing of Satellite News Gathering Uplink of Drive Away и Fly Away class;
  • Production of satellite communication mobile stations for corporate networks (special services) and general use networks (for operators of mobile services );
  • Design and constructions of the main stations of TV and radio broadcasting;
  • Construction of TV stations;
  • Equipment delivery.

List of the deliverables include:

  • Equipment for satellite central and ground stations;
  • Mobile Satellite stations equipment;
  • Equipment for TV reporting vans;
  • Equipment for downlink stations of satellite communications;
  • Equipment for the main stations of central TV and radio broadcasting;
  • Studio broadcasting equipment;
  • Equipment for voice and data transmission over fiber-optic link;
  • Equipment for microwave transmission.

Work and Services:

  • Preparation of technical specification;
  • Development of technical solutions and functional block-diagrams;
  • Pre-release survey and preparation of design documentation;
  • Construction and installation;
  • Equipment delivery and installation, acceptance testing;
  • Assistance in preparing the application to obtain permits for the operation of communication facilities;
  • Warranty and Post-Warranty support;
  • Consulting and training of customer’s staff.

Contact Information

129515, Moscow, Ak. Koroleva st., 13 build. 1
phone: +7 (499) 682-71-57
e-mail: info@3lsystems.ru